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Even His Portrait is Scary!

When we think of literature and the holiday of Halloween, we think of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. Before I had ever seen a scary movie, I had read Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” and “The Raven.” With his talent for vivid descriptions that touch and kindle our thrill of frightening visual and auditory experiences, if he had lived in the 20th or 21st centuries, he would have been a famous horror movie screenwriter. As an activity for your Halloween Party, consider reading aloud one of his works. You’ll certainly scare your guests!

This week marks the ceremony of his “deserved funeral.” He died in October in 1849 after being found wandering the streets of Baltimore dressed in someone else’s clothes after possibly having been beaten up. He died penniless and without family or friends to honor his memory.

Check out this year’s ceremonies honoring and remembering his life and literary contributions. There are actually two ornate funeral ceremonies planned in his memory. Baltimore, Richmond, New York, Philadelphia and Boston all claim Edgar Allan Poe as their writer and events are planned to honor him!

Share his brilliant, scary stories and poems with your Halloween guests and tell us about it!

2 thoughts on “Poe and Halloween

  1. Great piece! It had me delve in Poe’s themes of redemption and guilt – and frequently murder – that permeated his work, and allowed his reader/viewer zoom in for a closeup to experience the characters interaction with their ‘intrapsychic’ filed.

    His list of adrenaline productions masterfully understood the psychology of his audience, guide their reactions and set the mood. His sweat and insight still has a strong hold on us today as his name stays clearly on our minds. For certain Poe’s tales would be an uncomfortable read to strike a deep chord at someone’s Halloween Party!


  2. Thanks Linda! Feeling uncomfortable and striking a deep chord of terror at a Halloween party would certainly add to the ambience of that party! Yes, your comment has helped to make my decision. A “Tell Tale Heart” reading will be an activity at our party!

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