What is the best age to get married and what criteria should you take into consideration before making your decision?

Most of the rules and beliefs around these questions are very subjective opinions, however there are some interesting researched statistics to consider.

The general consensus recommends that you wait until you are in your late 20’s or older.

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According to the National Center for Health Statistics, if you wait until after the age of 25 to get married, your chances of staying married more than double! The standby statistic “50 percent of marriages end in divorce” is cut in half if you hold off until you’re a little older to say your “I do’s”.

Marriage takes dedication, patience and a commitment to communication though all things, easy and difficult. The late teen years and early 20’s are years spent learning, growing and establishing yourself in society. You learn what you do and do not like in a partner, you jump start your career and really hone in on what you desire in companions and especially what would make a good life partner.

The feelings of urgency should be worked though with patience and love towards yourself, and just remember you have “until death do you part” to spend together.

Are you having trouble choosing to wait?

Try identifying why you feel so rushed to get married… is it a social belief? Did you create a deadline for yourself when you were a little girl? “I must be married by age 23, with kids by 25” etc. Is it financial? Do you feel you need someone to “complete you”?

As young women we need to spend quality time getting to know ourselves and realizing we’re whole and complete on our own. The belief that you have a soul mate out there that will “complete you” is bogus. You should be searching for a partner who is as whole and complete on their own, just as you are – so you can build a future together with a strong foundation. Who wants to spend forever with a half put-together person?

Secrets to a happy life?

Never stop cultivating yourself, learning who you are and what your purpose is. Create lifelong bonds with friends and family. Spend your evenings out having fun or dedicated to something you feel passionate about. Spend time developing interests that bring you happiness and peace. Get yourself involved in sports, arts, dancing, acting, yoga, martial arts, volunteering, etc… Regardless of being married, you should still be focusing on independent passions and interests. While you have committed to each other and you stand together, you’re still two different people. Keeping yourself balanced with personal interests makes things fresh and interesting. Keep your love strong by continuing your personal development and maintaining your passions.

What’s right for others may not be right for you: Find and focus on what works for you…

Life is too short to be anything but happy!

mandi Is there a perfect age for marriage?

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