The Important Decision

Since we only celebrate our birthdays once a year, the choice of the celebration birthday cake is very important. First of all, ask the birthday honoree what is his/her favorite cake. Then, locate where they sell the special cake. Sometimes it’s best to bake the cake. Check out the best recipes available and choose who […]

Think and Plan Ahead

Before we know it, Valentine’s Day will be here. How can we celebrate our official commercial day of love? Shortly after the fifth of January a huge variety of red items, specifically geared for Valentine’s Day will appear in the stores. Even grocery stores get into the frenzy with front-of-the-store displays featuring all kinds of […]

Next Year

Although the Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa holidays were wonderfully celebrated, at one of the holiday parties we met a couple who are “empty nesters.” They told us about their family’s tradition of traveling with the children every year during the winter holiday school vacation. Often they went to family dispersed in exotic places such as […]

Use Your Holiday Cards

I just spent an hour writing out some of my holiday cards. About three days ago we began to receive holiday cards. It got me thinking… what can we do with the cards that we receive so they don’t end up tossed in the trash? One good idea is to get a fresh evergreen wreath […]