Awkward Invitations You Don’t Want to Receive

Awkward, uncomfortable situations abound. We have taken it upon ourselves to showcase just how versatile our cards and invitations really are with this selection of awkward invitations. Because no matter how terrible the news, or how uncomfortable the event, everyone still loves receiving a Storkie invitation. The Let’s Catch Him Cheating Invitation The Baby Making […]

Is there a perfect age for marriage?

What is the best age to get married and what criteria should you take into consideration before making your decision? Most of the rules and beliefs around these questions are very subjective opinions, however there are some interesting researched statistics to consider. The general consensus recommends that you wait until you are in your late […]

Mother-In-Law Spotlight: Betty Schug

First off, a big thank you to Eric Palmer for submitting the following MiL nomination.  What an amazing family and story! My mother-in-law is really my bonus mother-in-law. She married my father-in-law back in February after his wife (my real mother-in-law) passed away last year of a 7-year battle with cancer. My bonus mother-in-law is […]

Wedding Advice Week is Coming…

Share your best wedding advice and WIN $100 Storkie Gift Certificate. Storkie Express is pleased to announce the upcoming Storkie Special Delivery blog’s “Wedding Advice Week” – a week of great wedding advice posts kicking off on March 29th! Spring Wedding Season is Coming!!! What tips do you have for soon-to-be-married couples? Post your best […]