filmmakingsummercamp Neighborhood Camp UpdateOur summer camp with parents who rotate being in-charge has been a total success to date. My measurement of the past weeks’ fun is how soon after dinner my younger daughter and son fall asleep. In the summer we have a loose bedtime because during the school year it is very inflexible. To date, every night around eight-thirty, after dinner and showers, my little angels have asked to go to bed to “just read.”

So, what activities have tired-out my gang? Parents have organized “rope hikes” in the local park, playground clean-up and mulching, learning to build a camp fire and emergency “lean-to” for shelter, designing and building a modified tree house, shell arts and crafts, tongue-depressor jewelry making, three-legged races, wheelbarrow races, and leap frog races, with either swimming or “slip and slide” to cool off. Many rainy afternoons have leant themselves to ghost story invention and telling competitions, garage band rehearsals with home-item instruments, DVD movies about dogs, and a singing competition that the older “counselors” have carried over from week to week. One parent told us that during his week the campers are writing, producing and shooting, and showing a movie.

Sounds like fun! What are your children doing this summer?

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