First off, a big thank you to Eric Palmer for submitting the following MiL nomination.  What an amazing family and story!

ericpalmermil Mother In Law Spotlight: Betty Schug

Photo by: JAMES WOODCOCK/Gazette Staff

My mother-in-law is really my bonus mother-in-law. She married my father-in-law back in February after his wife (my real mother-in-law) passed away last year of a 7-year battle with cancer. My bonus mother-in-law is awesome. We share many sarcasic and funny moments together. She has fit right in the rest of the family. I even was blessed with the opportunity to go wedding shoe shopping with her and we had a fun time together. My wife and I are pregnant with our first child, which will be my bonus mother-in-law’s first grandchild ever as she spend 70 some odd years of being single. See this link to the story of how they came to be wedded; it was a match made by my real mother-in-law years before she passed away: Billings Gazette Feature on Betty and Tim Schug

I want to nominate my bonus mother-in-law, Betty Schug because she has made my father-in-law so happy and we are excited to be making her a grandmother without her ever being a mother. Betty is old according to her driver’s license, but her youthful look and attitute will easily mislead anyone meeting her for the first time. She is kind-hearted, gentle, silly, and loving. Betty Schug should be the next mother-in-law of the month!

~Eric Palmer


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