salads panzanella flickr kochtopf 1213917168 thumbnail Labor Day Weekend Party MenuThe end of summer in many part of the U. S. means our gardens burst with produce. Tomatoes and late summer corn should be a part of your party’s menu!. If you plan to entertain, try and incorporate anything that your garden offers into the festivities. For example, if you have strawberries, use them for a refreshing drink and for dessert. An abundance of tomatoes, can garnish burgers as well as be the main ingredient in an Italian bread and tomato salad.

Whatever you do plan on preparing for your family and guests, make sure to choose some dishes that can be made in advance. Try and have everything done before your guests arrive or try and involve your guests in the preparations! If you are using fresh corn in a recipe, grilling and then shucking the corn with your guests can be fun as well as very yummy! Also, preparing burgers and having your guests grill and dress them to their own tastes includes everyone in sharing ideas and sharing the work! Instead of just offering buns, use wraps and pita bread so guests can personalize their own burgers.

strawberry daiquiri Labor Day Weekend Party Menu

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