1821248331bakedalaska Celebrating 81!Today is our mom’s 81st birthday. Mom turns 81 but she is not the kind of Grandma who sits and knits or rocks in a chair. She walks five miles every morning and does water aerobics three days a week. She still drives, cooks almost everyday, and bakes amazing goodies from scratch. So, after a life of many, many celebrations, how do we celebrate the 81st birthday? Yes, of course… we get together as a family and have a dinner party. Mom’s favorite parties and commemorations have always been the intimate ones, with just the family. An intimate gathering for us, just for our immediate family consists of 16 people.

In addition to the birthday party part of our dinner get-together, it is the last weekend before some of the cousins go off to sleep-away camp, pre-college summer programs, or travel overseas. We have many accomplishments to celebrate too. Some of the cousins won academic and athletic awards at the multiple awards events before school ended. We will definitely acknowledge their successes. We can’t just have a dinner party and celebrate one happy occasion.

Now, the 81st birthday gets top billing! Mom’s love of Baked Alaska as her preferred birthday cake will be honored. It helps that most of the grandchildren who will be saluted for their awards also love Baked Alaska and consider it their favorite dessert. Check out the Brownie Baked Alaska Recipe we love!

Let’s hear from you about your favorite birthday cake choices!

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