bxp47759groomcarriesbride6 25 09 Honeymoon and LogicHoneymoon trips and logic do not go together. Now, that we have been married almost 25 years and people ask, “Where did you go on your honeymoon?” and we have to say we didn’t go on a honeymoon, we realize not spending the money on a honeymoon was logical but not a good choice. Logically, there were no funds for the trip but in restrospect we missed out on a tradition that creates great memories. Even though a couple can take a honeymoon any time after the actual wedding, going right after the wedding planning and stress affords the bride and groom time to get away and recreate the intimacy that brought them lovingly together committed to building a life together.

 Today, a new trend ensures that almost every couple can go on a honeymoon if they plan and include their wedding guests in participating in funding their trip. I have been researching honeymoon ideas via the web and found a new trend of registering for honeymoon trips. Basically the couple to be married decides where they want to go, how they will get there, where they will stay and dine, and what activities they want to experience. Some couples post all the details of how their guests can participate in helping to pay for their honeymoon on the wedding website that the bride and groom publish. Other couples include an additional card with their wedding invitation that explains how the guests can help with the honeymoon trip.

What a great idea!  What do you think?

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