16 08 9 snow storm web Holy Communion Reflections

Communion season begins before the snow melts and spring begins.

We asked you to “Tell Us” and one of our customers sent us her thoughts.

“Each stage of our children’s lives has brought an opportunity to have a life event ceremony that enriches our family togetherness and helps us publicly acknowledge the miracle of being family and guiding children to adulthood.

We are parents who decided that our children would be educated and raised in the warm embrace of the Church; so, the Holy Communion preparation and ceremonies were significant and spiritually meaningful days in the life of each of our children. But, watching our children learn and experience their Communions served to remind my husband and me about being grateful. As we look back, we realize that by making a big “deal” about the life event of Holy Communion we set the tone of making a big deal out of all life-cycle events. Life certainly sends us sad times and challenging times so celebrating the good times to the fullest helps us get through the not so good ones.”
Brigitte from Chicago

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