51g9n30cj6l  sl500 aa240 riddleskidsbook Happy April Fools DaySpring arrived 10 days ago but if you follow the weather reports in some parts of the country it forgot to begin. So for those of you still enduring “white out” snow storms and freezing cold temperatures, today, April 1st will hopefully bring a little light to your doorsteps.

Today is April Fools Day with jokes and pranks “permitted.” Some of the customs of pinning a fish on someone’s back, or a sign saying, “kick me” come from overseas.  Telling someone that his/her shoe is untied has modern roots because before the 20th century, shoes were buttoned, not laced. In some companies the IT staff plays dramatic, involved pranks using the Internet throughout the company. Perhaps a memo or a video is sent out to everyone’s computer that causes a minor crisis. Ultimately, the non-IT employees find out it is a prank. Teachers will usually announce a pop-quiz and when students freak-out, the teachers laugh and say, “Happy April Fool ‘s Day!”

At home, for children who love riddles, present a few at breakfast or while you drive them to school and then tell them that whoever solves the riddle is “chore-free” for the next day.

A good source for riddles is Amazon’s online store or your local library. 

So, however you acknowledge the first of April, and however you enjoy the beginning of this beautiful month filled with holidays, have fun on April Fool’s Day and let us know about jokes and pranks that you experience.

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