k1235894graduation Graduation Party Input
The same year our eldest graduated from 8th grade, our youngest graduated from kindergarten. The graduation ceremonies were the same week, so we sent graduation party invitations to all our family members and friends to come to a combined celebration. It was important to me that the graduates, although very far apart in age, give their input as to what they wanted at the party.

Our 8th grader said he couldn’t care less; but then he gave me a detailed list of the food he wanted. He wanted a homemade carrot cake with raisins and cream cheese frosting. He wanted a huge salad. “It shouldn’t run out,” he instructed. It had to have hearts of palm, the good kind of canned corn, grape tomatoes, red and yellow as well as all the greens like arugula and red leaf lettuce. He also wanted a fennel salad, a huge one, with my lemon dressing.

“It’s my party and I don’t want to go back to the buffet and have all of my favorite things gone,” he said. I assured him that I would make “tons” of his favorites and then asked my youngest son what he wanted. “I want a center piece with a graduation hat and tons of balloons. I want the red and white cake (red velvet) that you make, but it has to be a rectangle, not like a regular round cake, but a fancy one,” he answered. Then, when I asked about games or things to do at his party. He told me that he was going to go around and talk to each guest. He told me that would take the whole party.

That was last year, class of 2008, and now here we are again with our eldest daughter graduating 8th grade and our youngest daughter finishing elementary school. I wonder how my girls want to celebrate their graduations? Guess it’s time to start planning those!

What are your plans? Any creative ideas for graduation parties and celebrations!

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