6560gradinvite3 14 09 Graduation Invitation Issue: Resolved

Room for Photos of Both Sisters

Now that Easter is over and our eldest daughter’s Confirmation dress selection has been resolved, it’s time for my girls to choose their combined graduation party invitations. Surprisingly we found the perfect invitation quickly and without much haggling during the compromise proceedings.

My eldest daughter went online and checked out the vast selection of styles and offerings. She and her sister had decided that the chosen invitation would determine the color theme of their party. They even talked about wearing the same color dress. I just sat back, trying to control my mouth that wanted to drop open and remain open during this most shocking, unexpected and yet endearing conversation. Suddenly the graduation shared-celebration became a basis for mutual cooperation and exchange of their individual tastes.

What can I say? I am thrilled! Perhaps this is a turning point between two sisters who either ignore each other or compete. When they were younger, my eldest daughter found her younger sister to be adorable and kind of dragged her wherever she went. But the last two years have been a challenge for my husband and me in trying not to interfere at the same time that we monitored the level of cruelty that two girls can deliver.

They chose the Double Double Pink graduation invitation. It is trendy, attractive, gives each sister equal attention, certainly portrays the information that our guests need and most gratifying of all, it was mutually agreed upon by two girls who finally agreed to agree!

What have you chosen? Let us know!

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  1. I love this entry. We have ordered our graduation celebration invitations and have begun to plan. Thanks.

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