150 402467placecards Getting Everyone InvolvedAs the school year continues, I realize that is it only my first grader who brings home holiday and season related arts and crafts offerings.

The first grade teacher has given a homework assignment that each child should bring in a model of a Thanksgiving table decoration. They will vote on five of the best ideas. Then, they will break into teams and make one of the winning decorations for each of the other children in the class. After their class Thanksgiving banquet in school, each child will bring home five decorations.

Our son decided to make place cards. He feels strongly that Thanksgiving dinner tables have “assigned” seats for “good conversation.” He asked his teacher if he could use the classroom printer to print out photos. Then, he took some photos of his friends. He cut up some grocery store brown paper bags and folded them. Using my pinking shears he cut the sides of the folded paper. Then, collecting all of my raffia, he made a knot and loop and glued it to the upper left corner. He cut out the photos of his friends and glued them in the middle of the folded paper. He secured the bottom of the folded paper with a strip so it would have card-like stability. Then, he neatly printed each person’s name under the photo with an orange marker.

Of course I think that the place cards are perfect. He has been commissioned to make the same models for our family’s table. We’ll see if his idea is voted for one of his class’s five choices. He told us he will “sell his idea during the presentation as a way to use things in the house.”

Let’s hear from you about your ideas for homemade place cards and table decorations for Thanksgiving that involve everyone in the family!

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