6a00e008d618bb88340115707ccfcb970b 500wi Father’s Day RevisitedFather’s Day was celebrated successfully last Sunday. The Dads in attendance were duly spoiled by the extended family after having been individually spoiled by the nuclear families. Our children made my husband a Dutch Baby Oven Pancake for breakfast and took him to see a Star Trek movie. Then we gathered at my sister’s house for the party.

Now, we have a break from holidays until the Fourth of July. Planning ahead and sending out Save-the-Date cards for a family reunion on Father’s Day is a good idea for our extended and spread out family for next year’s celebration. We missed some of our relatives who could not come because the calendar just wasn’t marked to celebrate together and the plans weren’t firmed up long enough before the actual date. Getting airline tickets ahead of time pays off because bargain fares show up in advance of holidays.  

So, when we see the family on Labor Day and talk about who is doing which holiday and where for the 2009-2010 year, we will know who is hosting Father’s Day 2010 and be able to utilize the trend of Save-the-Date cards.

Let us know how your family ensures everyone can gather to celebrate life’s special moments!

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