fnmcornedbeefhash s3x4 lead Fabulous Father’s Day  The 21st of June is around the corner. What are you planning to spoil the Dads in your family? A themed day based on what Dad or Grandpa likes to do is a good idea. If Dad loves to fish, plan on everyone waking up early and getting out to his favorite fishing spot. Plan a picnic breakfast or brunch and stretch out the time spent fishing or watching him fish. If Dad is a golfer, schedule tee time now! Because so many Dad will be on the “greens” planning ahead is suggested. If Dad loves exploring the outdoors, perhaps a hike to a new, interesting location with a backpack picnic should be planned? If Dad is a movie buff, plan a matinee for the family at the movies. If you are fortunate to have extended family near where you live, perhaps an afternoon with outdoor games and a barbeque dinner will make Dad’s day exceptional?

It goes without saying that Dad must get to sleep late on Father’s Day, unless predawn fishing is his passion. In addition, he should only have to do what he truly enjoys for the entire day. Having a family discussion and getting input from the children assures that everyone is enthusiastic about the Father’s Day plans. Spending time together making cards, writing poems, and making homemade gifts also gets the children all excited for Father’s Day celebrations!

Don’t forget to indulge Dad with some of his favorite foods. Even if he is a workout maniac and consistently watches his food choices, Father’s Day can be a short break in his routine and include some special foods he normally avoids.  Perhaps a breakfast with his favorites is a good way to begin Dad’s Day?

Let us know about your Father’s Day plans! Make sure to check out local activities that are planned for your community to honor Father’s Day!

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