200239187 001coupleparis Creative Marriage ProposalsFor a short time I worked with a woman who wrote a book chronicling marriage proposals. Published and available around Valentine’s Day, it made a great gift book. Romantic details and creativity earned a place in this collection of stories. I remember writing out my sister’s marriage proposal story, which consisted of a closed math book with a pencil sticking out. Her then boyfriend was tutoring her; during a bathroom break, he stuck the ring on a pencil in the book! I thought the story was great but unfortunately, it didn’t make the book. The next year another edition found its way to book stores around Valentine’s Day. It was a big hit!

That was during the seventies. Today, since young people get married when they are a bit older than the youth of the seventies, marriage proposals have become more and more of a feat of creative planning, ingenuity, and uber romance!

The Associated Press on Thursday, 8-20-09 reported that a man had a field cut to say, “Aleasha, marry me?” Getting her up in a plane, she looked down and saw the message, and then turned to her love who had a ring ready. “AWHHHHH!”

Let’s hear from you! Share your marriage proposal stories with us!

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