backwardsdaysillype0011762 Crazy, Lazy Days of SummerMy husband and I love to tell our children about unusual things we did when we were growing up. Their absolute favorite story is about my family’s “Backwards Days.” So, now that we have hit the middle of the summer mark, as far as school goes, we scheduled a “Backwards Day” for next Saturday, July 25th. Preparations are in full swing for staying up all night on Friday, the 24th and then eating dinner in the morning with dessert first. They have even planned pool games that involve jumping in backwards. In addition they have been trying to figure out if they can watch an entire DVD backwards. Breakfast has been scheduled as the last meal of the day on Saturday the 25th. They have been practicing talking backwards which as far as I’m concerned is the funniest part of the planning! In addition, they each want to invite someone they don’t like very much to be guests for the day because that is “the ultimate backwards thing to hang out with someone you don’t like.”

Food for thought… A good idea… What do you think?

backwardsdaype0017570 Crazy, Lazy Days of Summer

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