rdroses01 Bridal Showers   Fun and FriendsThis past weekend, I attended a bridal shower held in a country club in honor of my friend’s daughter. When I arrived, I was thrilled to see that the color theme for the bridal shower was pink and red. Pink and red are such warm, loving colors and always make me feel happy. In the middle of each table a metal cake server held two tiers of pink, red-tipped, rose buds gathered closely together. White linens covered the round tables and a light-pink satin-on-one side and cotton-on-the-other side napkin lay at each place setting. A clear-plastic, little square box held four pink and red foil-wrapped chocolates. It was placed on top of a pink and red striped magnetic “To Do” list, writing tablet. I loved the fun of the chocolates and the practicality of a “To Do” list for party favors.

After Mimosas, we sat down for the hostesses’ greetings and introduction of the bride and groom’s mothers, grandmothers, and siblings. Then we had a delicious buffet brunch with just about every choice of food imaginable from salad to custom-made omelets. Finally, we played some “who really knows the bride” games and opened gifts. Being registered, I knew what the bride wanted and the other guests and I gave her gifts she loved. I hadn’t seen my table of friends in quite a long time and news of each other’s lives helped us catch up. We definitely “showered” the bride and her family with love and gifts. But, most of all, we celebrated a forthcoming life event and reconnected. How much fun!

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  1. I like the idea of playing games at bridal showers. Next time I plan one, I will check online for bridal shower game ideas.

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