fourfriends Best Baby ShowerWe are three friends who have basically been close for the last 25 years. Even if we don’t see each other or talk we still pick up exactly where we left off the last time we communicated. About 15 years ago, a fourth person became part of our group of three. She’s a bit younger and has had a very busy, challenging career. We have kind of lived vicariously through her life experiences. Although the original three of us would never trade places with our career friend, we do enjoy hearing about her adventures and getting to visit her in the various places in the world that her work has taken her. But, now in her early 40s she married and they expect a set of twins in late May.

Obviously, we are making her a baby shower. She came to some of our younger children’s pre-birth parties and has never missed a life-event celebration of any of our children. In addition, since we have been away from babies for some time, we are once again indulging in the vicarious joys of her pregnancy, and the imminent birth of her twins.

So, now we will make the best and most fun baby shower. Upon picking out the invitations, we decided on the theme of the shower. Although the info is available, she and her husband do not want to know the gender of their babies. So in the tradition of yellow for either a boy or girl, we chose a yellow, large duck invitation and everything will be yellow at the shower. We decided upon a mid-day brunch because it is a couples’ shower with several children as guests too. Over the years we have traveled to spend time together in various countries throughout Europe and Asia so we will have food from all those places. In addition to spending time eating at the shower we will play trivia games and make a fuss over the Dad-to-be as well as our friend, the Mom-to-be. After Easter in April is the perfect time to have a party with the possibility that some of the fun will take place outdoors too. If it doesn’t rain, we will open gifts on the patio and take advantage of the beautiful spring weather. Also, it allows those of us with children coming to have them play outside on the swing set.

With so many choices of invitations that can help in the decision of a baby shower theme, we want to hear from you as to what you like the most!

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