pennycandy57302312 Wedding Trends This past weekend we attended the wedding of the daughter of some close friends of ours. Both the bride and groom’s siblings were already married and because both the bride and groom’s parents had wedding planning experience, the wedding was extra special.

I thought I would share some highlights and trends of this most enjoyable and lovely wedding. Before the wedding ceremony took place cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were served. A martini bar with cups made from limes, lemons and oranges was a huge hit. Chocolate, traditional, apple, cranberry, and many other martinis could be had from the bar or from circulating servers. Of course there were several conventional bars as well. The various enticing goodies to eat before the ceremony began included offerings from a carving station, a wok station, sushi, smoked salmon and garniture, a blini and caviar bar, grilled veggies’ presentation, fresh sculpted fruit, and even passed appetizers including coconut chicken nibbles and the famous “pigs in a blanket” that no one can resist. In addition there was a station of Eastern European delicacies such as kasha and bows, stuffed derma and baked salami. As we visited with people we only get to see at weddings and such, a string quartet played background music.

Then, we walked into the wedding ceremony and the room looked and smelled like a florist shop! To say that it was beautiful, is to not do it justice! Peonies, gigantic roses, hydrangeas, lilies, purple, pink and white stock, orchids and other gorgeous flowers decorated the aisle and the place where the bride, groom, and immediate family stood for the ceremony.

After the wedding vows were exchanged, we entered the ballroom for dinner and dancing. An eleven-piece orchestra welcomed us with upbeat music. As we found our assigned table, we greeted the other guests and immediately took off for the dance floor. The three course meal served was innovative and delicious but the Viennese table, cappuccino bar, and chocolate fondue offered after the main meal attracted most guests who stood around stating how full they were, but how can one resist?

Finally, at almost midnight, we said our thank you and goodbyes and as we exited, situated in the lobby was a candy “bar.” Several ornately decorated tables were filled with glass canisters of every imaginable candy. Little scoops were placed on top of each mound of candy with clear cellophane bags labeled with the bride and groom’s initials and a short poem with “treat” and “sweet” rhyming. Flavored popcorn as well as wrapped cotton candy, candy sticks, and licorice sticks completed this most delicious self-made goody bag spread!

The wedding had all the elegant and ceremonial elements that we get to experience and enjoy at weddings today. I do hope that the candy “bar” as we bid “good night” will be a trend that we see more often!

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