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We end this week of wedding trend observations and trends with a blog about one of the most important parts of the wedding process. Yes, staying together after the festivities, staying in love, committed, happy, good for each other, loyal, and nurturing friendship in addition to romance are definitely the most important aspects of the wedding. But, one of the most important parts for the couple is the choice of gifts their guests offer.

In most cases, when my husband and I receive wedding invitations, we evaluate if we have presented the couple with an engagement gift. Then, if there is a shower or luncheon in honor of the bride, we determine what kind of gift we gave for that celebration. Finally, we think about the couple’s living situation. Are they finished with school and pursuing their careers? How old are they? Have they been living together or do they have separate households and for how long have they lived independently since graduating from school and/or leaving their parents’ homes? Are they going on a truly unique honeymoon trip that will serve as the first of many adventures in travel for their life together as a couple? Answers to the above posed questions determine if we will write a check or actually check out the couples’ wedding registry and choose a gift that will endure as something we give them that is special and memorable.

When I do write a check as a wedding gift, I like to put it in a pretty card with appropriate wording. I often tie the card with a ribbon so it looks more like a gift. Once, we knew that the couple was going to Italy on their honeymoon. We had saved Euros from a trip we had been on and so we gave them Euros. When they returned, they called us to tell us how great it was to have Euros in cash for the cab from the airport to the hotel. Our gift helped them buy a vase that they had shipped to their home and the cash offset the splurge that was placed on their credit card.

When I give an actual gift I love to check out the wedding registries that are online. If you are looking to see what couples want today check out great sites like TheKnot and WeddingChannel. Chances are your soon-to-be-newlyweds are registered with one of those two sites.

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