200486224 001peoplecafe Fun Wedding TrendsMy husband and I sat together on our weekly “date night” at an outdoor café. As we sat and sipped our drinks, we began to listen in on a conversation at the table next to ours. Seven young people sat together having a most heated discussion about what they would do if they were planning a wedding. Four of the people, females included, kept saying what a waste a big, fancy wedding is. The other four maintained that weddings are for the parents and grandparents and whatever they want as a celebration should be done. The five who opposed spending huge amounts of money varied in what each one thought “huge amounts” of money entailed.

So, is this a trend? Here are some of the points made by the “table next to ours” and their very heated discussion on the topic of weddings:

Getting married outside: 8/8

Wearing a tuxedo: 0/8

Wearing the “brides get-up”  aka a white dress:  2/4 (only females)

Wanting to see their brides in a wedding gown: 3/4 (only male)

$10,000 more than enough for a wedding budget: 2/8

$20,000 more than enough for a wedding budget: 3/8 (all males)

Budget for whatever the parents want: 2/8

Writing their own ceremony and wedding program: 6/8

Following traditional religious wedding service : 1 or 2/8

Honeymoon trip: 8/8

Printed versus email invitations: 8/8

Destination wedding: 4 or 5/8 ? (Still a trend!)

Fresh Flowers: 1/4 ( female opinions)

Age to get married:

before thirty:  4/4 (female opinions)

after thirty:  1/4 (male opinions)

whenever it’s right :  3/4 (male opinions)


2 thoughts on “Fun Wedding Trends

  1. If you were listening in on a conversation, how did you get your statistics? We’re getting married next February and I was looking at invitations and then read your blog. It doesn’t seem likely that you got such exact numbers from overhearing people talking. I am curious…

  2. OK, curious reader… You are totally correct! What happened is that after eavesdropping for a bit and kind of giving looks to the table with the wedding discussion, someone noticed that we were holding hands. A comment about “How cute” turned into a conversation. Then, I wrote down my statistics by interviewing the people at the table. It was fun!

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