journal 2 Wedding Planning and JournalingWedding planning has been quite an exciting process for me so far.  But at times it’s been really stressful, and really busy.

Before my fiance proposed, I started to keep a journal. Now that we are engaged, planning a wedding, a move, and our future together I have continued to journal. So far it has been an amazing experience. Journaling has become not only therapeutic in some aspects, but also as a way to force myself to really slow down, think about, process, and fully enjoy this amazing (and sometimes challenging) wedding planning journey. I also have a feeling it is something I won’t regret doing in the future, as I will have written record and memory of this chapter in our lives together to look back on.

Journaling in the middle of all the wedding craziness has allowed me to make time for myself that I usually wouldn’t take. It’s also helping me stayed focused on and remembering what truly matters throughout all the cake tasting, linen shopping, magazine browsing, blog gawking, and all the other elements of planning a wedding. It allows me to constantly be reminded that is our love and the meaning of a marriage and committing our lives to one another that matters most.

Do you keep a journal? If not, now is the perfect time to begin! I would definitely recommend journaling to anyone and everyone else planning a wedding right now. It has proved so helpful so far for me. Plus it gives you a great excuse to buy that lovely journal you saw out shopping the other day 🙂


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