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After our mini-series on wedding bouquets, I thought it would be fitting to do a post featuring gorgeous wedding nails and coordinating bridal bouquets. Your wedding day manicure seems like something so small (and it really is in comparison to the whole day and the meaning of the celebration), but it still is something to think about during your wedding planning.

nail and bouquet 41 Bouquets & Nails {Wedding Inspiration}

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Amongst all the craziness of wedding planning, it can be easy to forget to choose a nail polish color. However, coordinating nails can add a extra touch of beauty and style! It can be that final detail that really pulls together the entire look. A perfect finishing touch on your wedding day!

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Picking a nail polish color is usually not an easy feat either. Just getting a manicure for everyday wear can be hard. There are so many choices out there!!

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Coordinating your polish with your bouquet is a great way to simplify the process! A lot of time and thought was probably put into choosing your wedding bouquet, so why not use that energy you put into your decision to help make another!

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When it’s time to choose your polish color, think about the colors, style, and inspiration behind your bridal bouquet! Next thing you know, you’ve got another wedding decision is made and ready to check off your to-do list. If you can make one choice for your wedding day easier, why not right?!

Happy Planning!

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