bld057872bridegroommovie4 16 09 Wedding Movie SuggestionWe finally watched Rachel Getting Married. We know that the star, Anne Hathaway received an Oscar Nomination for her brilliant performance. Having watched several other wedding-themed movies, including Father of the Bride, Monsoon Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding and My Big Fat Greek Wedding we are used to the movie genre’s uplifting and happy feeling we experience at the end.

We do not like how Rachel Getting Married left us feeling. As much as the home location of the wedding and the participation of friends and family members gave some good ideas for spending less money, and there were some moments of family love dynamics portrayed, for the most part the dysfunctional family interaction depressed us.

So, why do I recommend that you see this movie? See Rachel Getting Married because every family wedding movie gives great ideas for wedding invitations, rehearsal dinners, pre-wedding day activities, color themes, wedding cake trends, and wedding party ensembles. Also, wedding movies portray ideas for wedding music as well as what food to serve. In addition, because the movie shows such sadness in the midst of such joy, we as viewers have an opportunity to count our blessings of joy when we plan or participate in weddings.

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  1. The Steve Martin Father of the Bride movies are better than the old ones. I’m getting married in August and have watched them with my fiance. We had a great laugh!

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