coffee poster Wedding Inspiration   A Creative Coffee Bar

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People tend to love their morning coffee. Some people love their afternoon and evening coffee too. But everyone has that friend (or maybe it is you) that just really, really LOVES all things coffee.

The wedding planning reality is most brides out there are looking, searching, maybe even hunting for a creative and personal touch to add their wedding reception. Something they didn’t see at their cousin’s wedding last April, or their neighbor’s wedding last week. Whether it is a good thing or not, it seems to be the way this wedding planning stuff is.

You want your wedding to represent you as a couple, and for any and every coffee and/or espresso loving couple out there… A coffee bar at your wedding just might be that final personal touch you were looking for.

coffee bar 2 560x356 Wedding Inspiration   A Creative Coffee Bar

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Maybe you two met in a coffee shop, or love to visit your neighborhood’s coffee shop together on the weekends. Or perhaps you are about to the tie the knot with a coffee¬†connoisseur. Whatever the reason, a coffee bar is a clever and fun idea that your guests will definitely enjoy.

coffee bar 1 Wedding Inspiration   A Creative Coffee Bar

{Intimate Weddings}

There’s a variety of easy ways to set up one at your own wedding. It would probably be best if you have the space available to designate a table just to the coffee bar. A backdrop behind the table would be an option to add some extra personalizing oomph to the table too. You can choose to serve just coffee in a carafe with delicious toppings and flavored syrups and creamers, or ask your caterers to provide an espresso machine too. A Nespresso or another more express option would do the job too! Cinnamon, whipped cream, coconut, ground nutmeg, vanilla powder would make for some delicious toppings and enough variety for all your guests to find something they like. You can buy flavored syrups and creamers, or even find a recipe online for homemade options too. You could even order personalized coffee sleeves like these –

personalized coffee sleeve Wedding Inspiration   A Creative Coffee Bar

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Love the coffee sleeves, they are too cute!


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