How fast the time flies!  Wedding Preparation ’09 is upon us.  It may be Winter, but Spring (and even Summer) Weddings are in the air.

But what are the colors for 2009 and what do they say about the pulse of today?  With a down economy and recession dampening many a brow, are colors going to be dark or will they go the opposite way and be light and cheery?  Perhaps something in between, a little dusty pastel perhaps?

A little Storkie poll seems to concur with what we’ve seen around on the web… The “in” colors for the 2009 Wedding Season are tiffany blue, cornflower blue, clover green, apple red, orange, watermelon red, purple, chocolate, and of course the classic black and white.  A lot of beautiful possibilities for wedding invitations to carry the color theme through.pantone colors21 150x150 Wedding Colors 2009

Here’re some swabs from Pantone’s Fashion Colors Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week sheet.  Pretty similar to what we’ve found, and interesting that the colors are for the most part dustier pastels with the occassional bright color.

What do you think?  What color do you like for Wedding Season 2009?

One of the great things about Storkie is the ability to fully customize your wedding invitations – even the color!

Contact us and we can customize most designs in our collections to match the colors you want.  Pretty cool!

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