The word “vintage” is quite broad, so naturally books and websites vary in delineating the timeline. To make things easier, we will stick with the period from 1800-1979 as our timeframe for “vintage” (which is admittedly loose).

A vintage theme on your wedding day will make you feel that romance is indeed timeless. If you and your significant other would like to combine history and style on your special day, start rummaging your grandparents’ closet or head to a vintage merchandise store.

Vintage IB 560x724 Vintage Wedding Inspiration BoardImages Sources: Art Deco Dress, Old Love Letters, and more

Vintage style evokes romance and elegance. Dresses and gowns with fine lace and elaborate beadwork convey the sense of romance with their soft and sophisticated designs. Veils, hairpieces, dangling earrings, crocheted cuffs, and chokers complete the luxurious bridal ensemble. For the men, vintage attire can include steampunk long coats, leather lace-up shoes, walking canes, striped waterfall neckties, top hats, and pocket watches.

Collectibles such as old postcards, music sheets, greeting cards, pamphlets, stamps, handwritten letters, quills, tea cups, and perfume bottles make fun accessories that are easy to find!  They can also be sources of inspiration for your wedding stationery. Further highlight your chosen period theme with furnishings like gramophones, bird cages, brass chandeliers, damask wallpapers, and Baroque chairs.

My favorite vintage wedding color palette is composed of various shades of pink, brown, and gold. Set the vintage mood by including these shades in the fabrics, garments, and embellishments that pull together your special day. Pink emanates romance, brown suggests antiquity, and gold signifies elegance.

Vintage ColorPalette 560x353 Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board

Are you having a vintage wedding?  Or have you recently attended a vintage-themed wedding?  Share your thoughts and ideas…

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5 thoughts on “Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board

  1. Marriage is one borne out of life’s greatest decision and commitment. It is holy and God-sanctified. Though I’m not planning to get married anytime soon, I think a vintage theme for a wedding is a wise choice. It gives the event a classic, romantic and sophisticated air and captures the timelessness that is marriage. I love how the writer narrowed down the broad concept of ‘vintage’ into one coherent style by supplying specific details, examples and images. This entry will make any engaged couple consider having a vintage-inspired wedding. Kudos! ^^

  2. Congrats on your blog, Sab! Love the Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board and the colors you picked out. Aside from the ever elusive teal/sea glass, I’ve also been a big fan of blush pink. I’m sure this will be a big help to other brides-to-be. Ever thought of being a stylist as well as an invisigner and blogger? (*hint)

    Can’t wait to read your other entries! More power to you! 🙂

  3. I love your inspiration board, and the color combination is also very harmonious. Vintage weddings are big right now and I guess this trend will continue to be around for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the inspiration board – especially the old style telephone!
    I’ll bear it in mind for my vintage inspired wedding next year 🙂

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