Although we have been holding events to honor the bride-to-be for centuries, what we now know of as a bachelorette party has only been common practice since the mid-1980’s. Created primarily to establish gender equality and to mirror the bachelor party, the first book on planning bachelorette parties wasn’t even published until 1998. Since this is a relatively new event and expectations are not set in stone you’re allowed a lot of freedom for planning.

Some great ideas for bachelorette parties can include a night out on the town, intimate parties at home, and themed parties such as a spa pamper party or a recipe or cooking theme party. The most important aspect to planning this event is to really get in touch with the honoree – what is her style? What does she enjoy doing? Does she like going out on the town and drinking or does she like staying in and pampering herself? Enjoy our bachelorette party inspiration board below!

GirlsNightOutInspiration Throwing an Unforgetable Bachelorette Party

Have any fun girls night out party ideas?? Please share!

mandi Throwing an Unforgetable Bachelorette Party

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