Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to tie the knot, and for good reason too! Brightly colored flowers are in bloom, sunshine and clear skies almost every day and life’s buzzing everywhere. You can take advantage of the gorgeous weather and warmth to create memorable outdoor wedding. Set the perfect backdrop for this special occasion in a breathtaking garden, a less populated beach area, a decorated backyard or a park with a lake.

Summer allows for less formal attire without losing any of the formality of the event.

Below the inspiration board, we’ve put together several important notes to keep in mind when choosing to have a summer wedding: selecting hair styles, clothing, foot wear and food selections.

Summer Wedding Inspirations Summer Wedding Inspirations and Tips

Hair: It’s going to be hot! The humidity makes straight hair straighter, curly hair curlier and all hair frizzy. If you want to remain looking sharp and put together throughout the ceremony I recommend getting a professional up-do, and letting the stylist know you will be outside, so don’t be sparing with the hairspray!

Clothing: Again, it’s going to be hot! Summer weddings allow for shorter dresses and cooler fabrics. Men can wear loose fitting slacks and matching short sleeve tropical shirts or linen suits. Women can of course wear summer dresses in bright colors.

Footwear: If you’re getting married outside and you will not be on concrete or a hard flat surface, be cautious about what footwear you select…heels and sand or dirt do not mix. Pretty sandals are perfectly acceptable for an outdoor wedding.

Food Selections: Fresh foods go great with a summer wedding, fresh watermelon, strawberries and grapes. Also delicious seafood selections like shrimp cocktail, ceviche and grilled mahi. Be sure to also include selections for people who may be allergic to seafood or whom don’t eat meat at all. Another consideration is to make sure there are plenty of big coolers to keep the cold food cold or bring the food portion of your party indoors.


mandi Summer Wedding Inspirations and Tips

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