statement necklace photo 560x377 Statement Necklaces for the Bride {Wedding Fashion}

{Tec Petaja Photography}

Statement necklaces are a gorgeous and fashionable accessory to add some personality and fun to your wedding day ensemble, and just a lovely way to make well, a statement! ¬†They are commanding and beautiful, but manage to avoid crossing into “over-the-top” territory. Statement necklaces are all over right now, rendering the search for the perfect one for your perfect dress as easy as possible. Having a variety of options available also makes staying within your budget completely achievable – I knew I loved this style!

Here are some of my very favorite statement necklaces that will look incredibly stunning on your wedding day –statement necklace Statement Necklaces for the Bride {Wedding Fashion}

{Top to Bottom: Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, ASOS}

What about you – Are you a fan of the statement necklace? I adore the style and especially when paired with a simple and beautiful wedding gown. In fact I may even wear one myself at our upcoming wedding.


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