Once associated only with royalty and seen as a color of privilege, purple is now making a strong comeback. While it still symbolizes a regal event, the romantic shades purple offer embody a sophistication and elegance beyond any other color.

The tint of purple you select can be determined by the time of year. Choose a lighter lavender or periwinkle in the spring or summer and couple with a bright yellow or green. Choose a darker royal purple in the winter time and pair with white or silver.

The overall vision of your wedding, reception or even bridal shower can be one of an ethereal and enchanting feeling – easily accomplished with dimmed or candle lighting, beautiful decor and the perfect gown selections for the bridal party.

Your Wedding Invitations set the scene for your guests expectations, and there is no better time to begin displaying your colors. Included in the inspiration board below is just one of Storkie’s many gorgeous dynamic design invitations ~ Love Lace II.

Purple Wedding Inspirations Purple Wedding Color Inspirations

mandi1 Purple Wedding Color Inspirations

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