851062 66223684sm Introducing Storkies Wedding Advice Week!We’re kicking off a special week here at Storkie Express! This entire week we will feature articles for Newly Engaged Couples!

We are going to include:

  • What couples-to-be should focus on during the first phase of wedding planning
  • Some of the most overlooked details you shouldn’t forget
  • Ways to cut corners and save money on your wedding
  • Friday we’re going to showcase the best piece of wedding advice we receive from our fans on Facebook

Last week we kicked off a contest on Facebook, asking for our fans’ best pieces of wedding advice.  And boy did we receive a lot of amazing advice!!!  The most-liked pieces of advice from last week have been reposted for a final round of voting – and the post with the most Likes by Noon this Wednesday the 31st will be rewarded with a $100 Storkie Gift Certificate… so head on over to the Storkie Facebook page and vote for your favorite(s).  The advice with the most “Likes” will also be featured on our Friday post!

facebook button Introducing Storkies Wedding Advice Week!

mandi signature image1 Introducing Storkies Wedding Advice Week!

One thought on “Introducing Storkie’s Wedding Advice Week!

  1. Wedding Advice: Keep it small. We had 40 people including ourselves and unlike my family and friends I remember everything about my wedding. It was the first perfect day of my life and I know it was because I wasn’t running around trying to entertain 200 people.

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