So what exactly is a cummerbund? What’s an appropriate gift for your groomsmen? What does one do with a Boutonniere?

Do you need tips on planning your honeymoon, writing your vows or pointing your best man to a place to help him write his wedding speech?

Look No Further!!

I really love these two websites created specifically for grooms and groomsmen, written by men. They’re full of valuable information to help guide you through the planning process all the way down the aisle. The best part is the entire design, information and marketing is geared towards men. You won’t have to suffer lipstick ads and pink lace anymore to find out how to fit your tux or get advice on managing wedding day stress.

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One of the most valuable pieces of information I gained from my investigation of these two websites is this article: How to make your wedding speech – without falling flat on your face!

We don’t make speeches every day, let alone for the most important people in our lives, in front of their entire family! Often when there is something we fear doing, we avoid it until the last minute and then we panic. Hence, this is why so many wedding speeches become so painful. All that stress can be avoided with a little preparation and assistance. Check out the video and article courtesy of Groom Groove.

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Best of Luck Grooms!!

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