They’ve been your best friend for years, possibly even longer than your soon-to-be! Of course their approval and acceptance is what helped you fall even more in love with your beloved. Why not include them in your ceremony? As long as they’re well behaved of course!

There are many ways your pooch can play an important role in your event from simply being a witness, to standing with you at the altar to even being the ring bearer. Take a look as these inspiring photos below for ideas.

Pooch Ring Bearer Get Married with your Pooch!

Favors Depot has adorable Pooch Tuxedos and the Ring Bearer pillow you see above.

Wedding with Your Pooch 1 Get Married with your Pooch!

Wedding with Your Pooch 2 Get Married with your Pooch!

Make sure your pooch is well nourished, exercised and has had the ability to relieve himself/herself before the ceremony.  But most of all, make sure your pup is well behaved and is being watched by a capable party… while these memories are hilarious later, wedding upsets like these can be super stressful when they happen.

funny wedding dog Get Married with your Pooch!

If all else fails – play dress up at home!

mainstreetcom dog wedding inside lead Get Married with your Pooch!

mandi1 Get Married with your Pooch!

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