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If you have a session scheduled for engagement photos, or plan to make one soon, here are some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind. This advice isn’t exclusively for engagement photography either. These pointers can be great for holiday portraits, family sessions, anniversary photos, or any other photo sessions to help get you ready for your close-up.

1) Bring chapstick and/or lip gloss along! Chapped, dry lips in photos are no fun, and possibly show in close-up images. Also, all that smiling, kissing, and laughing would leave anyone needing a kick of moisture to their lips.

2) Trust your photographer. Don’t stress, or let something ruin your mood doing your photo session. It will show in your photos! If something seems weird or awkward, it may just make for a great photograph. No one knows that better than your photographer. If you took the time to research and find a photographer you love, then have no fear!

3) At a loss about what to wear? Here are some basic rules to keep in mind -patterns can be distracting, over-coordinating can be tacky, dark colors are slimming, anything too “trendy” will look outdated fast, and white can be hard to capture in bright sunlight. With that said though, rules are made to broken! If you have a great idea you are set on, then go for it. These are your pictures, and feeling comfortable and great is your priority. Do keep in mind though, those rules are popular for a reason. That doesn’t mean you can’t rock a patterned blouse or a pastel mint green dress, if that is what you really want to wear. You know what looks best on you, and you know what you are looking for out of your engagement photos.

4) You may be able to get away with a fake, forced smile for a picture normally, but in a session like this it isn’t so easy. If you have the same smile on your face for about an hour worth of photos, you will just end up with a lot of photos that look exactly the same. There is no reason to feel nervous in front of a photographer, this is their career! Plus there is nothing quite like a beautiful natural smile captured in a photograph.

5) Enjoy yourself and the company of your loved one. This is a special and fun memory in the making!

Hope these five easy tips are helpful as you prepare for your photography session! If you get your photos back before the holidays, you can even pick your favorite shot of the day to be printed and sent out to friends and family in a gorgeous holiday card.


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