A non-floral wedding bouquet is an another stunning personal touch to add to your big day for an endless amount of reasons. Well, probably not an endless amount… but there are sufficient justifications to include, or at least consider, a non-floral bouquet in your wedding plans.

To start, if you are a DIY maven and you just can’t seem to get enough crafting in your life or wedding plans then a non-floral bouquet provides one more DIY craft you can squeeze in. While many DIY projects don’t actually end up saving you money, this project will. The usual floral wedding bouquet will put your wedding budget back $150-$200, while some non-floral bouquets can be done under $25-$50! Money aside, non-floral bouquets are a more eco-conscious choice. Then to add to that, the bouquet can be saved and preserved for years after the wedding as a meaningful reminder of the day.

There are countless sources of non-floral bouquet inspiration floating around the web, here are just a few of my personal favorite non-floral finds.

1. Feather Wedding Bouquets

feather bouquets DIY Non Floral Wedding Bouquets

{Left to Right, Wedding Vendor Guide, Hummingbird Florist, Wedding Bee}

2. Vintage and New Brooch Bouquets

brooch bouquets DIY Non Floral Wedding Bouquets

{Left to Right, Offbeat Bride, 1Amanda Etsy Shop, Alice Hu Photography}

3. Paper Bouquets

paper bouquets DIY Non Floral Wedding Bouquets

{Left to Right, Wedding Flower Idea, Yumikuki Etsy Shop, Martha Stewart Weddings}

I’m head over heels for that butterfly bouquet! Which one is your favorite?


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