After yesterday’s non-floral bouquet post, I figured it would be oh-so-appropriate to continue forward with a post on DIY non-floral boutonnieres! This is a excellent non-floral compromise in my opinion.

So if you can’t bear to give up beautiful bouquet of fresh, real flowers on your wedding day (even in order to stretch your budget just a tad farther or to be a bit more eco-friendly), you are probably open to the non-floral boutonniere idea. Plus the groom and his manly-man buddies will probably be more than okay without having dainty flowers pinned to their chests. Just saying…

A boutonniere crafting party would also make for another glorious reason to have a girls’ night with your bridesmaids too. So pick a design you’re crazy over, make a fun crafting playlist, whip up a batch of pumpkin muffins, and let the boutonniere building begin!

Here are some of my favorite non-floral boutonnieres I’m currently crushing on.

1. Feather Boutonnieres

feather boutonniere DIY Non Floral Boutonnieres

{Left to Right, Wedding Bee, Buttons, Lace, and Love, Wedding Bee}

2. Crafted Boutonnieres

crafted boutonnieres DIY Non Floral Boutonnieres

{Left to Right, Wedding Bee, The Aisle Style, Bon Mariage}

I love the feather idea, and the nautical boutonniere too! I’m not too sure if I could choose a favorite.


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