Glowing candles can create a gorgeous ambiance, especially if you’re having an event in the evening.

More impressive than typical votive candles, these beautiful glowing inspirations combine flowers suspended in water, floating candles and other accents such as small river pebbles, gemstones or glass beads.

DIY 2 Candle Vase DIY Glowing Candle Centerpiece Inspiration


Ideas for Flowers:

  • Roses Petals Floating
  • Rose – 1 Long Stem – Submerged
  • Orchids – 1 Stem or 1 Flower Submerged
  • Cherry Blossoms


Ideas for Accents:

  • Small river pebbles
  • Gemstones or crystals
  • Rounded glass stones
  • Sand


Happy Decorating!

mandi1 DIY Glowing Candle Centerpiece Inspiration

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