cake Cupcakes replacing Wedding Cakes???There was recently an article in the Times tauting how cool cupcakes have become.  This is not news to most, with taste buds tingling from coast to coast, from Sprinkles in L.A. to Magnolia Bakery in New York City.  But what caught my eye was that the introduction of the cupcake article set the scene of a recent wedding that low-and-behold featured cupcakes stacked up in place of a wedding cake!

cupcake book2 150x150 Cupcakes replacing Wedding Cakes???So cupcakes have become cool, and even chic, but have they already reached timeless!?!

In fairness there are a lot of ridiculously amazing cupcakes – and not just taste-wise.  This cookbook featured on the left should be on everybody’s coffee table because it is so astounding – this past weekend at a party, friends (both guys and girls) were amazed as they flipped from one tremendous cupcake creation to the next in this book.

But staying on track… cupcakes instead of wedding cakes?  Really?  While perhaps more appropriate than the preceding sweet fad of tart ice cream w/ fresh fruit, as a wedding dessert centerpiece I’m still not convinced.

What do you think?  Seen cupcakes at a wedding recently?  Planning on serving them at your wedding?  One thing is for certain, it makes serving really easy.  Maybe Storkie should think about designing a line of cupcake wedding invitations…

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