Just  in case you missed out on the wedding trend and celebration idea of having a  homemade cookie buffet, check out more suggested recipes!

From the eighties, the 1982 cookie of the year “Chocolate Meringue Biscuits'” recipe appeals to me! 

re holiday08 cookies1982 2122 Cookie Recipe Resource Continued

 From the nineties, the cookie of the year, 1997’s, “Chocolate Coconut Squares'” recipe appeals to me!

re holiday08 cookies1997 212 Cookie Recipe Resource Continued

 Although, this decade, the 2000s, has not ended, the best and most appealing cookie to date that has become a mini version is the 2005, “Black and White!”  What can I say? Save the best for last!

re holiday08 cookies2005 2121 Cookie Recipe Resource Continued

Do check out the aforementioned, yesterday’s suggested article, about favorite cookie recipes. The selection of recipes will become a great resource for your celebratory cookie buffets!

Embrace the cookie trend!

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