If you’re the romantic type and are dreaming of a wedding that would utterly be an experience of beauty and love, let the cherry blossoms enamor you with their poetic grace.

Invite your friends and relatives to witness as you and your spouse-to-be exchange vows under the cherry trees with Storkie’s lovely cherry blossoms inspired wedding invitations: Cherry Blossoms 1, Cherry Blossoms 2, or Cherry Blossoms 3.

Enthral the guests at your wedding with exquisite shades of pink and seal brown with an oriental touch. Use items with cherry blossom designs for your wedding décor, including bamboo fans, umbrellas, pocket mirrors, and paper lanterns. For floral decoration, you may choose to be minimalistic (cherry blossom branches in simple white vases) or as grand as you’d like to be (cascading cherry blossom trees). For the food, consider including pink candies and macaroons, cherry sorbets, apple and strawberry galettes, cherry blossom iced tea and pink cupcakes.

Of course, don’t forget the cherry blossom inspired wedding attire. The bride can complement her dress with a sakura comb or wreath and matching cherry blossoms shoe clips. The groom will certainly look dashing in a dark gray suit, white shirt, and pink silk tie.

Cherry Blossom Pantone Color Palette Cherry Blossoms Wedding Inspiration

Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas Cherry Blossoms Wedding Inspiration

Image Sources: Sakura Comb, Japanese Bridal Gown, and more

Lastly, summon your inner poet and write a haiku for your wedding, like the one below:

Under the pink blooms
This love’s vow we deeply pledge
To last forever

Have a cherry romantic wedding!

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3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Wedding Inspiration

  1. Indeed very romantic and elegant, well done, a work of genious, good luck and more invitation ahead of you

  2. I’m a big fan of cherry blossoms. Using it as a wedding theme is absolutely amazing. Keep up the overwhelmingly brilliant work Sab. Good luck!

  3. So lovely and captivating. Sakura is one of my favorites! This theme surely magnifies the beauty and charm of a woman on her wedding day, and adds up to the endearing moment of the couple as they are being united by God. Thanks Sab for sharing this and more to come!

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