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It has been a really busy week, but so far we are off to a good start. My best friend, Laura, threw us an unexpected engagement party over the weekend. She even called my mom, who lives in Austin, and surprised me by having her fly out for the weekend. D and I took the opportunity to announce our wedding party (most were in attendance) and the venue (a local orchard we visit every season to pick our own fresh produce). Since we are planning a fall wedding, we thought the orchard would be the perfect setting for a harvest theme. We are both a little bit crunchy, and we especially love the farm-to-table movement. While it’s a little bit difficult to have that lifestyle in the middle of the desert, we frequent the orchard and a co-op in Moapa Valley as much as possible.

The weekend also gave me the opportunity to talk about the budget and guest list with Mom. We will be capping the budget at 10K—no fuzzy math. We want to keep it small, so we are also capping the guest list at 50 and the wedding party at six (three groomsmen, three bridesmaids). Mom, D and I finished the guest list after a day of heavy editing, and it will be close family and the best of friends (sorry, work friends and acquaintances!). We don’t want to start our new life in debt!

We also picked out the save-the-date cards (see the pretty picture below!) and added the new Storkie Hidden Dimension icon, which you can’t see in this photo but it is on the back. Laura is a great amateur photographer and took some really cute candid photos at the engagement dinner, so we added them to the slide show.

Bold and Beautiful II Save the Date Card Storkie Bride To Be: Week 2

We loved the simplicity of this save-the-date as well as the earth tones of the colors. It fits perfectly with our harvest theme, and it was easy to upload our Excel spreadsheet of guest names and addresses to our Storkie account. The cards will be stamped, addressed and mailed for us, which will save considerable time as we only have six months before the big day and I wanted everyone to have at least that much notice.

Below is my wedding check list, and I’m happy to say I’ve already crossed six items off the list! Only 23 to go!

… Oh! Also, check out the Pinterest board I started for inspiration. Feel free to leave your comments and help me pick out all the pretty wedding things! Here we go!

  •          Engagement party
  •          Budget
  •          Wedding party
  •          Guest list
  •          Venue
  •          Save-the-dates
  • Register
  • Invitations
  • Officiant
  • Marriage license
  • Photographer
  • Band/Music
  • Florist
  • Caterer
  • Dress
  • Cake
  • Hotel rooms for guests
  • Transportation for guests
  • Honeymoon
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Ceremony and vows
  • Wedding shower
  • Hair and makeup
  • Menu
  • Menu cards
  • Favors
  • Place cards
  • Purchase rings
  • Bachelorette party

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Carol Storkie Bride To Be: Week 2

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