You made it, and you and your fiance husband are finally married! The ceremony is over, pictures with your photographer during the cocktail hour have just finished, and now it’s time for the grand entrance with your bridal party. But what song should you use?

It is always an incredible experience to see a bride and groom announced as a married couple for the first time, and the happiness and joy it brings them. It is also quite a memorable moment for the new couple and the guests. I still think of a wedding I attended a year and a half ago with my fiance whenever I hear the Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling – it doesn’t matter where I am! It was the couple’s grand entrance song, and I can still remember them coming into the reception hall like it was yesterday.

Because it is such a fun and memorable moment for everyone, I’ve rounded up some songs that would make for great grand entrance songs. So here’s the list of songs, enjoy!


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