Are you creating a Black and White Wedding but not sure what to do?

Borrow a few inspiring ideas from our Black and White Wedding Vision Board as well as the tips provided below.

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The Wedding Party

Keep the attire simple, a black and white theme has an overall feel of smooth, sleek elegance ~ avoid ruffles and excessive bows.

Have the bridesmaids dress in black and add an accent color if you’re choosing one.

Some complementary accent colors are:  deep red, bright pink, bright green or silver.

Have the groomsmen dress in black tuxedos with white shirts; you can incorporate your accent color with the cummerbund or boutonnière.

Want to leave a lasting impression?  Create a fun 40’s themed wedding! Dress the groomsmen in black pinstripe suits and the bridesmaids in black flapper dresses.  Then put the groom in a white pinstripe suite and the bride in a vintage white gown.  Designing the 40’s style décor for this theme will be a lot of fun as well!


White and black décor is very easy to find, the trick is to layer the colors to create depth and texture. Use several table cloths, stack various sizes and colors of the serving plates and showcase amazing centerpieces and chair coverings.  With a little creativity and some patience making a stunning black and white “wedding experience” can be a snap!


You can create a beautiful bouquet with a mixture of Black Calla Lilies or Queen of the Night Black Tulips with White Calla Lilies, Tulips or Orchids.

You can also dye Roses, Carnations or Gladiolus black and balance the arrangement with the same flowers in white or your accent color.

Are you having a Black and White Themed Wedding? We would love to feature you, your husband and your wedding, please send us your photos and a little bit about you to:  blog [at]

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