Some of the best weddings I have attended have been outdoors – there is something so loving and peaceful about being surrounded by nature! There are many pros and cons to having an outdoor wedding, and especially a beach wedding. While you can create something unforgettable with a very low budget (no walls to decorate helps), you are ultimately at the mercy of mother nature. Be careful when selecting dates, keeping in mind the scorcher months and rainy season. Also choose a back up location just in case, as this will bring peace of mind to your entire planning process.

Take a look at our Beach Wedding Inspiration Board for fun decoration ideas, party favors and place settings.

beach wedding inspirations1 Beach Wedding Inspiration Board
L-R Custom Wedding Invitations from, Personalized Sand Ceremony Vase Set from, Just Married Flip Flops, Adirondack Chair Place Card/Photo Frame from, Beach Theme Seashells Wedding Accessories Set from

mandi signature image1 Beach Wedding Inspiration Board

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