Even Susie homemaker has to get married sometime. What better way celebrate than to throw a baking themed bridal shower? Here’s the recipe to make it amazing…


  • 1 group of close friends and family members
  • Tons of gifts
  • A couple cookie-scented candles for ambiance
  • Décor that looks good enough to eat
  • Food that IS good enough to eat
  • 1 happy bride-to-be

Now that sounds like a recipe for a delicious bridal shower! Storkie also has a fun baking inspired bridal shower invitation perfect for your special occasion.

bakerspride Bakers Pride Bridal Shower Inspiration

Image Sources: Baking Bridal Shower Invitations, Baking Party Kitchen Decor, Pastel Icing Bags, and more

bon appétit,

sabrina signature Bakers Pride Bridal Shower Inspiration

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