20250heartcookies Back to TraditionSometimes an old tradition becomes a new trend! In some parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio, a wedding is not complete without a massive cookie buffet with homemade cookies traditionally baked, brought, and presented by members of the bride’s family. According to an article in Gourmet Magazine the custom of having a cookie buffet at a wedding stems from the fact that wedding cakes are costly. As much as this amazing cookie buffet saves money it also contributes to the feeling of community that weddings can generate.

I have been to many weddings. Weddings celebrated in Chicago, Wisconsin, Washington, DC, all over Florida, and California. But, I’ve never been to a wedding in Pennsylvania or Ohio where a cookie buffet is present. I’ve missed out. But, this cooperative and delicious idea will be part of one of the next parties I help plan. I found a few popular cookie cookbooks to use as a reference.

I decided that for our Labor Day weekend annual family barbeque, everyone will bring a batch of cookies to share. According to how many family members participate determines how many different batches of cookies each family needs to bring. We may not end up with the 15,000 cookies but everyone’s participation will help to make dessert diversified and most delicious.

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As I embrace this trend I realize that with a family of six of us, I am responsible for six different batches of cookies. I am so glad I have the entire summer to practice perfecting my six recipes.

Let’s hear from you what you think about the cookie trend for weddings! Also, please share some suggestions as to how we can all bring this yummy tradition into our celebrations!

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  1. My fiancee and I can’t decide if we want a wedding planner. We looked online for invites and advice and read this blog. I think we can do the wedding without spending money on a planner. We found many choices for invitations on your site. Also, this cookie idea is great.

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