One of today’s trends for the bride, her adult wedding party and very close friends is to go away to have a fun trip before the big wedding event. What if the Bachelorette Trip became a get-away that involved volunteering and doing good, in addition to having fun? I researched a few suggestions and came up with the following list:
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In New Mexico, the Wilderness Volunteers organizes groups to work on various National Park Service necessary maintenance projects. This year in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, volunteer groups will help from April 19-25 or April 26-May 2. Fun activities include ranger-led hikes to places the public never visits and stargazing with a park astronomer. One does need to be physically fit and enjoy being outdoors. On the web at

Many additional outdoor, volunteer opportunities are available through this organization:

The final idea would not be as physically challenging an experience as my first two suggestions.

Habitat for Humanity not only has actual building projects; but has stores that sell quality, used and surplus building materials needed to build or remodel places to live. A Bachelorette trip could be to one of the multiple cities such as Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, New Orleans or San Diego where Habitat ReStores are located. The wedding party could volunteer in one of the stores and still have time to tour and party the rest of the time.  On the web at

Have you ever been on a Bachelorette Do Good Trip?  Think that’s what you’d want as the bride-of-honor?

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